In December 2014, the seventh annual United Nations Human Rights Commission Forum on Minority Rights in Geneva heard a submission on farm murders in South Africa by AfriForum and the Freedom Front Plus.
The theme for the Commission’s sitting that year was ‘Preventing and addressing violence and atrocities targeted against minorities’.
The sad truth is that current statistics would suggest that scant regard has been paid to this theme, since even now, 3 years later in 2017,  Farm Murders continue unabated in our country. This is despite the fact that the forum back in 2014 was attended by more than 500 international delegates and most of the world’s leading media houses.
Farm Murders are a serious indictment against our society.
Every time a Farmer is murdered in South Africa, another white cross is added to this monument outside Polokwane in Limpopo, South Africa.
Something drastic has to be done to make a meaningful impact of positive change.
So What can we do to make a change? To start with, we have to stop HATE SPEECH in its tracks. Then, respecting the victims and survivors of these atrocities, we need to bring the ugly truth, graphically, into the forefront of the news. We cannot hide the ugly truth, it MUST be brought to the surface. We need to name and shame perpetrators whenever they are brought to book, wherever this is possible.
We need to galvanize society into taking an active stance against violence, in any of its forms, and to educate the people into better understanding the role of farmers and relationships in our country.
We can no longer tolerate a “news blackout” about farm murders. Please go to our DONATIONS page and download the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/gEsbLhHJ_wk
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Hi everyone – “BRIEF AAN AFRIKA” – “LETTER TO AFRICA”  is our project to raise public awareness of the FARM MURDER atrocities in South Africa.

We are the EXCLUSIVE PUBLISHERS of BRIEF AAN AFRIKA – LETTER TO AFRICA, which is an audio-visual appeal to help find a lasting solution to combat these FARM MURDERS .
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We appeal to everyone to download your personal copy of “BRIEF AAN AFRIKA / LETTER TO AFRICA”, and then to make a once-off DONATION  (anything from R15.00 per download) to aid the surviving victims of FARM MURDERS and to improve FARM SECURITY.

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Here are snippets of 5 rare humanitarian success stories of 2016 – let’s use these as an early start motivation to make 2017 even better!


    Paris Agreement enters into force

    Given that 2016 broke a number of unenviable global warming records, it seemed advisable that the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, adopted by 195 countries in the French capital in December 2015, should come into force and be implemented in good time. The first, easier part was achieved surprisingly quickly – enough parliaments had ratified it even before delegates gathered in November in Marrakesh for Paris’s follow-up meeting, COP22. But as for implementation, the devil is in the detail, and much will depend on whether countries live up to the nationally determined contributions that underpin the Paris accord. Plans are now in place for countries to sign off on a new rulebook that envisages them taking responsibility for their own progress from 2020.

  2. IS Strongholds breached – IS loses ground



    The so-called Islamic State is being forced off the land it once controlled – Ramadi and Fallujah have been reclaimed and church bells can be heard ringing in defiance of the previous horror occupation.

  3. Peace in Colombia

    November saw an end to more than half a century of fighting when  Colombia’s Congress approved a welcome PEACE deal with the FARC rebel group. This has brought NEW HOPE to millions of citizens,  who can now start the process of healing. This PEACE INITIATIVE should be dedicated to and in remembrance of the more than 260,000 people, comprising mostly innocent civilians that have died in the conflict. Hope too of a new beginning for the nearly seven million people displaced as a result of the devastation caused by the conflict.

  4. Canadians sponsor refugees

    Who will ever forget the image of the drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi In September 2015, lying face down on a Turkish beach?

Well, for one thing, this incident galvanised the Canadian public            into action, and they fast-tracked Prime Minister Justin                             Trudeau’s election promise to resettle 25,000 Syrians to                           Canada by the end of February 2016.

Our 2017 challenge is to find SUSTAINABLE ways to positively             impact the lives of refugees – most grants only last for 1 year.                   And then what? Let’s d something about this by creating jobs,                 providing education, training and skill transfers.

5. Ebola vaccine “100% effective”

On 22 December, tThe Lancet medical journal published findings from the experimental an experimental Ebola vaccine trial called “Ebola ça Suffit” (French for “Ebola that’s enough”) involving 11,000 people in Guinea. Not a single person vaccinated contracted the Ebola virus, with the immune system found to kick in after just a single dose. Marie-Paule Kieny, assistant director-general for health systems and innovation at the World Health Organization, and the study’s lead author, said in a statement: “While these compelling results come too late for those who lost their lives during West Africa’s Ebola epidemic, they show that when the next Ebola outbreak hits, we will not be defenceless,”. Great news indeed, and our congratulations go to the researchers and their teams for this incredible achievement.

Let us put this out there – our Next Challenge: CANCER!



swallow-1152838__180“If we would spend on peace, what we spend on war, then ever again would there ever be any more sorrow” – Sally Wessels

The BlackDove video shows clearly how much focus there is on creating weapons of mass destruction. My friend Sally has inspired me to write a new song, WAR STORY, using her statement above as part of the lyric.

What is your story? Become a part of our movement for positive change and make your contribution on this platform.

Check out Black Dove here:



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