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Creative Arts Development Projects


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WHAT THEN IS CREATIVE ARTS from our perspective?

It is the themed exposition of the subject of WORLD PEACE by way of Creative Art. Our aim is to harness creativity from members of society by way of individual or collaborative interpretation of this theme through the choice of a selected art form including:

  • Music (song composition)
  • Video (music and/or short film video)
  • Lyrics (for songs)
  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Painting
  • Visual arts (including sculpture, photography, and dancing.
  • Graphic Art (design, forms and shapes)

The main purpose of this project is to nurture and inspire the participants’ creative and imaginative juices to submit their ORIGINAL creative works that can be showcased on a WORLD STAGE.



We encourage participation also from those members of society who may not be creators of art, but who appreciate the arts, to nominate and vote for various submissions.

We hope this development platform will find out new Creative Art champions and reward them for their successes, inspiring other to becoming involved in the project, in one way or the other.

The intention of our Creative Arts project is therefore to:

  • develop creative, expressive and innovative individuals, collaborators and teams;
  • provide participants in the project with exposure to professional guidance, professional judging, potential mentorship, and exposure to potential commercial exploitation of their works on the World Stage;
  • identify and nurture artistic talent, aptitude and enthusiasm;
  • offer participants with the opportunity to pursue further studies in the art forms of their choice;
  • develop an awareness of arts across diverse cultures;
  • expose society to the range of careers in the arts;
  • develop arts literacy and appreciation;
  • develop future audiences and arts consumers; and
  • develop life skills through the arts.


We are Publishers of music, lyrics and theatre productions, and are thus able to guide and advise participants in these areas.

Our Organisation is a registered member of SAMRO, DELRO, and CAPPASSO (Composers, Authors and Publishers Association).

This membership covers the protection of the commercial rights of music and lyric composers, and screenplay writers, in various fields.

We will ensure that all accepted submissions are acknowledged to the original authors. Please view our Website T's & C's and click below to see our Competition T's & C's.