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We are Committed to Philanthropy – We promote the Identifying of REAL needs, providing accessible, viable, sustainable and innovative Solutions. We are dedicated to Improving the lives of victims of society.

Our Social Engagement Platform and Brand Associations with selected Partners, enable us to transcend barriers to change and reach into the hearts of the communities we serve.

We showcase our beneficiaries in pictures and words. We believe in making meaningful impact that serves as new inspiration each time we do something right and beneficial.

~Graham Abrahams, G1BT CEO, Centurion, South Africa

From the research we have conducted, we have found common purpose to the now-era new methodology of philanthropic giving in our projects; it is apparent that ACTION has replaced PASSIVITY, and this shift to “hands-on” ACTIVE participation is what fuels our organisation. This change, adopted by several leading philanthropic givers in the world is impacting positively on and changing the face of global philanthropy. Donors are no longer content to merely open their wallets, but they're becoming actively involved in specifically selected causes about which they are passionate. They are also bringing knowledge and skill sets, using savvy business practices to leverage what they give to achieve more good.

Meet one of these innovators whose story resonates with us completely. Then head on over to our very own initiative  ( to see that we also WALK the TALK!

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This is one more inspirational and wonderful story of Philanthropy in action, highlighting how identification and supply of basic needs can change one’s life, often dramatically.

FK DAY - Bicycle Gift - A transport solution

F.K. Day, United States

Life in rural Zambia has improved dramatically for dairy farmer Cecil Hankambe. He has doubled his milk sales, purchased a farm, and earned enough money to send his children to school. He still milks the same cow and travels the same rugged roads to the local dairy co-op. The only difference now: Instead of lugging a heavy jug on foot, he pedals a bicycle.

Mr. Hankambe rides a Buffalo, a bike so sturdy and basic that its steel frame can carry up to 220 pounds and be repaired with a rock. Instead of delivering only seven to 10 liters of milk a day, Hankambe can now transport 15 to 20 liters to a chilling station before it spoils, boosting his profit.

"A reliable bike can create reliability in a dairy farmer's income," says F.K. Day, founder of World Bicycle Relief, a foundation based in Chicago that produces the Buffalo and provides two-wheeled aid to people in developing nations. "You forget how important transportation is."

Mr. Day cringes at the word "philanthropist," even though his nonprofit group since 2005 has raised more than $13.5 million, distributed 116,000 bicycles at $134 each across 11 countries in Africa, and trained more than 800 bicycle mechanics.

 "There is not a greater gift that one can give a community than an economic engine," says Day. "An industrial revolution on a personal level can push someone's productivity forward and help them to help their families and communities." Giving back: Eight innovative philanthropists around the world, Excerpt from World: People Making a difference: Cover Story by Kendra Nordin, Rebecca Byerly, Isabelle de Pommereau, Sophie Arie, Debra Bruno, Takehiko Kambayashi, Bilbo Poynter, and Taylor Barnes, NOVEMBER 18, 2012


We believe in the concept of SDG (Sustainable Developmental Goals). However, it is our niche mission to identify causes and needs in society that have a direct bearing on WORLD PEACE. In our focus on these issues, we promote society to engage in discussions about how we can strive together to obtain WORLD PEACE; we have created a unique and innovative participatory funding platform through our innovative projects. By joining hands with various stakeholders, we are able to pay hope forward by providing our incoming funding to identified and selected National and International Philanthropic Organisations to help them in their work.

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Upcoming Conference:

"International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD)” will be held in cooperation with Yıldız Technical University and International University of Sarajevo with the support of Marmara University, University of New York Tirana and Tetova State University. The conference will be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 19-23, 2017.

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This project shows our commitment and reveals how we are taking Philanthropy to another level, by encouraging society to get involved and become part of the long-term solution towards achieving World Peace!

We invite YOU to join us on this wonderful journey!