A VIRTUAL cup of coffee is a wonderful ice-breaker when you’re next at Starbucks. Start the conversation about World Peace. Share our story with your friends.



We invite you to buy our “virtual cup of coffee” – “For less than the price of a cup of real coffee, you can make a difference in someone’s life that lasts a lifetime !”

Our virtual cup is an ice-breaker! A great way to start a conversation about world peace the next time you go to STARBUCKS.

Our virtual cup costs only R20.00 (that’s about US$1.30)

Of course, you could by a round (of virtual coffee fro everyone at your table) or just make a donation of R—-You decide.

Your donation is discretionary and goes towards funding the costs of this project. All stakeholders have offered special discount rates for their services as their “pay hope forward” contribution.

We are committed to a ensuring that a minimum of 85% of all incoming funds are allocated to beneficiary projects. S18A Tax Certficates are available on request.


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