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It is our vision to create the very best Philanthropic website on the planet. One that not only highlights needs and problems, but one that provides solutions from a social responsibility initiative perspective.


Our mission is to become AGENTS FOR CHANGE by becoming your number one source for all things PHILANTHROPIC.

We showcase stories of Entrepreneurship and Inspiration. We sell unique products, music, videos and works of art for funding our initiatives.

We have developed a team that is dedicated to bringing you a platform for Social Engagement on WORLD PEACE initiatives.

In so doing, with your help, our mission and intent is to “pay hope forward”.

Founded in 2013 by Graham & Sally Abrahams, G1BT has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Centurion, SOUTH AFRICA.

When we first started out, we knew that we had to provide an alternative means of addressing the needs of people. Especially the innocent victims of conflict from all over the world, who are impacted in some or other way, by the threat to WORLD PEACE.

So, we focus on job creation, alternative energy provision, affordable and effective education and primary health care (PHC) solutions.

Our passion for helping others stems from the realisation of the fact that we need to RADICALLY change the way we are addressing and managing these needs. Instead of a top-down approach (which we believe has NOT worked, we believe in the “bottom-up” approach.

By sowing the seeds of understanding at every level of society, we can change the way we think and plan. This will enable us to create better outcomes for all the people of the world.

We have developed WORLD CLASS SOLUTIONS and ACTION PLANS that are aimed at alleviating the plight of these victims, wherever they are, irrespective of race, language, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation. 

We have created an INNOVATIVE DIFFERENTIAL FUNDING PLATFORM that celebrates life through unselfish contribution.

Crowd Funding - photo

We are now ready to serve fellow Philanthropists all over the world. We're thrilled to be able to play an INNOVATIVE role in the SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT wing of the PHILANTHROPIC industry.

We hope you enjoy engaging in our site.

Thank you for supporting our vision and mission, and our humanitarian causes through our unique range of products and competitions.

Our Black Dove Logo encourages everyone to submit their own PEACE -THEMED and Original Creative Arts work as their contribution towards World Peace. Start a conversation today!

Click here to enter our competition and visit our BlackDove site:


We believe that your partnership journey with us will be meaningful . It will certainly give you the satisfaction of knowing that your involvement in our cause has made a difference in and positively impacted someone’s life.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from you!


Graham, Piet, Sally, Frits, Jack, Kevin, Miles and the team!