The symbol for PEACE is the white dove. But the world is in turmoil and our doves seem to have turned to black. Our project for World Peace is to restore the balance, to restore dignity, and to restore World Peace.

When the world is bleeding, we need to stand up and make a collective difference. 


Whether you are an individual, a group or a business, we have the following FANTASTIC Projects and Products that YOUR donations can help fund:

  1. SONG & VIDEO: Download our “BLACK DOVE” launch song and video dedicated to World Peace. We ask you for a discretionary donation (whatever amount you feel you want to contribute) for each download. As a guideline, we refer to iTunes that charges $1.00 per track per download (this equates to approximately R15.00  (South African Rands) per track). DONATE NOW ( and Click here to take you to our YouTube page where you can download our song and video:


black-dove-logo  creative-arts-competition-blue

Entry Fee is R150.00 (approximately US$10.00) per entry, per category, per entrant. Click here to pay your entry fee (…-for-world-peace/). Follow this link to our website for all the details and T’s&C’s:



We believe in the potential for SMALL BUSINESSES to create JOBS and alleviate poverty! We invite submissions from Entrepreneurs with new business ideas, and each month our Professional Business Panel awards the best 2 ideas with a FREE STARTUP PACKAGE. Click here to see what this entails rise-entrepreneur-challenge, and Donate here:

4. THE TROLLEY GUYS: We have started a wonderful South African initiative where we support informal waste recyclers by providing them with safe, robust and reliable trolleys.



Click here to see what this entails trolley-guys-oct-2016 and

DONATE here:

5. VIRTUAL COFFEE: We invite you to buy our “virtual cup of coffee” – “For less than the price of a cup of real coffee, you can make a difference in someone’s life that lasts a lifetime !”

Our virtual cup is an ice-breaker! A great way to start a conversation about world peace the next time you go to STARBUCKS.

Our virtual cup costs only R20.00 (that’s about US$1.30)guy-holding-coffee-cup

DONATE YOUR R20.00 HERE and enjoy your virtual cup on us!

6. SPONSORSHIPS: We invite all BUSINESSES to have a look at our websites and the initiatives we are involved in.

Select the cause that best fits YOUR BRAND INTEGRITY and which you would like to sponsor and check out our 3 Sponsorship Packages here:

  2. GOLD:

Select the option that best fits your strategy.

sponsorship-2-imagesWe have limited sponsorship packages available, so please react quickly!


donations-2-imagesWe are grateful for any in-kind monetary donation from you and commit to funding humanitarian projects that will make a positive change in society. We showcase ALL our beneficiaries so you can see what your donations are doing! Donate here (

7. PLEDGES: We invite you to make a pledge to commit yourself to making positive contributions towards World Peace and the upliftment of our societies, on both a micro and macro basis.


We are asking you to Donate here (

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