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One of our VERY EXCITING initiatives, “THE TROLLEY GUYS” reflects our commitment to finding solutions to improve our own neighbourhoods by:

  • Reducing - the sorting time of waste at depots by colour-separating plastic from other waste


  • Creating Safe & Reliable mode of transport – improve containers and educate sector stakeholders


  • Recycling plastic products to create income for informal waste collectors

Entrepreneur intersection

  • G1BT, through the BlackDove Project, manufactures Refuse Trolleys under our BRAND “The Trolley Guys” which enables informal recyclers of plastic to safely and effectively manage waste.


  • This project contributes tremendously to waste management in our cities; In this way, we are bringing regulation, conformity and identity to this informal segment, by improving efficiencies, promoting safety, saving natural resources, reducing toxicity of waste, and reducing costs while increasing the individual recycler’s income.


  • We offer society an engagement opportunity in this initiative, on a micro and macro scale. Branding, Project Endorsement & PR Opportunities exist for Project Sponsors. Check out our link below:  trolley-guys-oct-2016





Supporting Start-ups and Informal Segments within society to create sustainable businesses that create income & employment opportunities.


The fact is that SMALL BUSINESSES are the driving force of economic transformation. In this context, we echo the words of Clem Sunter in regards to job creation in South Africa. He cites the example of South African Mosa Moeketsi as a veritable “pocket of excellence”. Mosa holds the record as the youngest woman to own her own construction company in South Africa, employing 16 people to construct roads, dig manholes, build low-cost housing and supply plumbing systems. Using Mosa’s model, the “factor of 16” is within reach, says Clem, and we agree:

set as a target the creation of a supportive environment in which one million new small businesses will be established by 2020, rather than five million new jobs. Guess what: if the goal of one million new small businesses was achieved and they were like Mosas one, that would be 16 million extra jobs.

~© Clem Sunter Calling all Foxes, Human & Rousseau, Tafelberg, 2012, p28-29

Mosa Moeketsi - LinedIn - 0f38c8f

“My personal passion is to see innovative altruism take place in Africa so global empowerment can engulf us as Africans. I live and breath transformation and strategic planning. I love being at the hub of innovative and global entrepreneurship. I strive for African growth.” Mosa Moeketsi, LinkedIn: Business Developer, Professional Speaker and CEO


CHECK THIS OUT: rise-entrepreneur-challenge

So, we invite ENTREPRENEURS to make contact with us and to submit their business proposals to us.

Through our filtering system we currently select the TOP 24 per annum (two per month) business proposals received through our SUBMISSIONS page. Then, through the funding that we receive, WE PROVIDE THE FREE TOOLS to young entrepreneurs to help them on their way. We offer these prospects:

  • FREE Mentorship and Guidance,


  • the provision of FREE Business Plans,


  • FREE Marketing Plans, including a FREE Business Webpage


  • FREE Financial Plans, including FREE Financial Software Programs


  • FREE Resource Planning and


  • FREE Staffing advice (Job Creation), overlapping with our


  • FREE BUSINESS GUIDANCE PACKAGE: check out our Coaching, Inspiring and Mentoring page.


In turn, the progress of our prospects is monitored, their stories are filmed via video-timelines, and showcased on our site as examples and inspiration to other and future prospects.


For example, we are committed to finding NEW ways to save the earth’s precious resources, by focusing on RENEWABLE ENERGY solutions implemented at grass-roots level upwards to solve basic power needs within disadvantaged communities.


To see what we are doing, click the link below to our BENEFICIARIES page in Black Dove Logo